Bands Wanted

If you’re in a local (Edinburgh and surrounding area) band, and are all able to play a 30 minute set, then contact us now either by email or call 0131 556 3254. We have a full backline your band can use, and all money taken on the door goes to the bands after we cover costs. All we ask is that you help promote the show, and bring down as many mates as you can. Interested? Then give us a shout…


For all the tech-heads out there, here’s what we’ve got!


Tama drumkit (kick, 2 rack and floor tom plus all relevant cymbal stands)

Peavey Max160 bass head and 4×10 cab

Crate GT3500 head and 4×10 cab

Marshall VS100 head and 4×10 cab



F.O.H mixing console :        Soundcraft LX7 II

F.O.H Graphic Equalizer:    DBX 1231


DBX Stereo Comp/Gate 266 XL

DBX Stereo Comp/Gate/Limiter 1066 (x2)

Behringer Quad Expander/Gate Multigate Pro

T.C Electronics MOne Stereo/Dual Effects Processor


Monitors: (from F.O.H console)

3x Stage monitor (front)

Drum fill

DBX 231 Graphic Equaliser

DBX 131 Graphic Equaliser